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Everything up to then was fear. Everything, even when I was alive, different levels of fear. But then it’s gone. And you’re like that: ‘Yeah, come on. Give it to me. Fill me up.’



I hear they’re terribly rude!


ladies and gentlemen, Tyler Posey in all his glory

No but lets also talk about how it looks like both hoechlin and lil Dyl had to then repeat what he said. 


From a new interview with George Miller in the September issue of Empire, available now.

Q: Where does this [film] fit into the series?

GM: I never devised a whole series of stories all that time ago, so you’d have to see it as a stand-alone film, but it has very strong references to the other three, and Mad Max 2 is the one that it refers to most.



i got a new shirt that expresses my feeling towards dumb people i have to deal with every day

I need that shirt

bofa trailer in a nutshell


top 2 things i love to draw: hand holding and hugs